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A Little Place Called Brits

Its not very often that I get to leave Kelowna due to work and other commitments, but when I do I love to eat out. I love food trucks, cafes, restaurants, and any other establishment that could sell edible delectables.

That being said the next few entries will probably be from my trips this past year to the wonderful Vancouver, and the ever inspiring Edmonton. I love my food like I said, not professionally of course, but I am a post secondary student so now that school is almost in session I will have to cut back!

Lets get to the point shall we?

My love for Fish and Chips actually started at a younger age at White Spot of all places. My mother worked in almost every position at the restaurant chain and thus I was often seen in a booth near the kitchen eating from the traditional pirate ships. From there on it was a love hate relationship with the food. I have a tendency to crave the greasy consistency some days, and on others I tend to eat it despite not really having the feel for it and regretting it after if you know what I mean.

Generally when the partner and I head to Edmonton, which we do about once a year if not more, we go out for Fish and Chips with his very openly opinionated Grandfather. I love how open his Grandfather is, for he is the type of man to just outright say something was horrid if it was despite whether anyone is listening or not. He does not care if the waitress is right behind him, in fact he may even nudge her so that she can hear just how good or bad the food is. Even if it is occasionally awkward - the man is a genius of Fish and Chips.

Normally we would go to a little hidden place called Back Home Fish and Chips which is hidden in the basement of a skyscraper in downtown Edmonton. This place is amazing and I love the friendly service but that is another story. This time they were closed with a notice saying they would be closed for every Tuesday from now on BUT I digress into yet another story.

Because Back Home was closed we went to another place called “Brits” despite other family members saying it was atrocious.

Upon arrival you are asked to order all of your food in the lobby, pay for it all up front, fill up your own drinks, and hope that they remember you and bring your food to your table which is in a sort of separated room. Needless to say it was a tad confusing.

The atmosphere in the first room/lobby/ordering zone was friendly, very patriotic of Great Britain and had a very large and easily read menu which was nice. A large variety of fish was available, as well as some traditional English specialties and desserts and some English soft drinks as well. The hostess was friendly enough but seemed impatient with Grandpa and clearly did not speak loud enough as she was constantly asked to repeat herself =D

The prices in my opinion were a little over priced, especially since everything was separate. You could have the meal to save you a dollar or so but it doesn’t included everything you need. For example: A 1 Piece Cod Meal is $10.65 - This gets you one piece, a handful of fries, and a refillable pop that is extremely watered down to the point where you should just get water but it is in the worlds smallest cups anyways so whatever really. When you go for fish and chips where I go in Kelowna (C-Lovers) you can get all you can eat Fish and Chips every day with refillable EVERYTHING and home made Tartar sauce for $11. Much better deal.

The seating room is not very organized, uncolourful, and to be honest a bit smelly even for a deep fried place. It was full of grossly over weight people which really isn’t anyone’s fault or what have you but I am just mentioning it because I remember Grandpa pointing it out quite loudly. Tables were moved every which way and the door to the grease trap was in this dining area. Not very appetizing when a large Garbage Bin of Grease is rolled right passed you as you eat. I did see the barrel roll by us but it was just before our food arrived.

On Each table is your standard table embellishments for Fish and Chips. Minus any cutlery, table cloth, napkins, etc. The Ketchup and Tartar sauce weren’t in mixed up containers which I was surprised by given the state this place was in. And it had Malt vinegar as well as white which I didn’t expect so I was excited.. at least until the food arrived.


The food arrived after the server could figure out which table it was suppose to go to. Without the hostess giving you a number or anything there is really nothing to identify you without memory or asking. It came in your standard basket-like holders but sans the newspaper. Generally when I go into a Fish and Chips place I either get everything on a plate OR it comes in a basket with paper under it… which this did not. Frustrating - especially when everything is deep-fried and it goes straight from the deep fryer into this plastic basket causing a lovely soppy mess on the bottom of all of our food. Perhaps they didn’t put in the paper slip because they were trying to burn off the Subway logos on the baskets.


Just in case you didn’t believe me, but its too bad cell phone pictures cannot tell you how disappointing the food was. Probably the worst Haddock, let alone Fish, I have ever had, the chips were sub par. Standard cut potatoes, nothing to write home about - negatively or positively.

THERE IS GOOD NEWS IN ALL OF THIS! There are only two locations of Brits and they are both in Edmonton. Which means 99% of you are safe. =D Final Tally:

  • Ambiance: 2/10 due to the lack of any ambiance in general: no fun servers, no colour, no excitement, and a giant Garbage Bin of Grease. The only thing that saves it is the original lobby area.
  • Food: 3/10 due to lack there of, the cost of the food, the presentation.. oh(!) and everything else to do with it. At least the fries weren’t horrible.
  • Service: 0/10 due to the fact that there really wasn’t any in the first place.

Even my grammatical and spelling errors in the Denny’s post are better than this restaurant. Rereading it now I really need to edit it, too bad we can’t edit a restaurant like we can a blog post.

Farewell Evil Foodies.

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