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A Hairy Situation

Its the title that no one really wants to hear. The exact title, in fact, that I was thinking about when I put the warning of “this is not for the faint of stomachs” in the description.

After a series of unfortunate events regarding food I decided that I would create a blog about all of the horrible experiences I have had in and around my life, generally situated in Kelowna, British Columbia.

And although I have had a few bad experiences that encourage me to create this blog, I have decided to pass them by for the time being to tell you about the wonders of the world of IHOP which occurred just this past week. I wish I had some pictures to showcase this to you but I decided at the time that it would probably be best if I didn’t show such graphic images in the first post. You’re forewarned.

-It is best to note that I do know someone who worked at the local IHOP during their teenage years and they have tried to convince me never to eat there again but I enjoy IHOP very much and so I did not listen until now.-

Visit to IHOP, Kelowna, Early/Mid May 2011

Walking into IHOP in Kelowna is slightly similar to walking into a run down motel that hasn’t had any stops that weren’t “absolutely-have-to-pull-over-and-sleep” stops since the dawn of time. With the exception, I have found, being Sunday. Apparently almost every church goer insists on filling the blue-roofed building after listening to their sermon. Which is slightly ironic because when I was a child we lived in a higher populated city and after church we also made the pilgrimage to various restaurants but my favorite choice was always IHOP.

From my experience with this restaurant there is always about 2-4 servers on shift, with one of them generally being an experienced server and the rest being younger girls who stand around aimlessly and talk to each other. Which in any other case would be fine, but when the restaurant is busy and you haven’t checked on your tables is completely unacceptable.

This visit was the same as always:

  • One server who seems experienced, who we did not get
  • Tables that are not to be used labelled with empty coffee containers
  • Slow and empty with the exception of two tables
  • A handful of people in the HOH who can be heard from across the restaurant

I ordered:

  • Tea
  • Water
  • A breakfast plate for my sweet tooth

My companion ordered:

  • Fruit Lemonade
  • Water
  • A healthy living choice

We were sat next to a table with a small screaming child, which I do not blame the restaurant for at all. That is the parents fault not the FOH or HOH. The child was running around, not belted into a seat or chair, and so the noise was realistically inescapable. After being sat, a group of older women was seated on the other side of us and they needed to yell at each other in order to hear each other, which again is not the restaurants fault. HOWEVER - when you choose not to use half of your restaurant there are still various seats around the area and the choice of where to put the guests is still paramount. Therefore this visit only receives a 2/10 on Ambiance.

Next on our dilemma list is a server who is not labeled as in training but is still highly under qualified to be serving on her own, or perhaps is just having a bad day, because she did not seem to know the answer to any of our standard questions. EX “What kind of bread do you have?”

The tea was forgotten but was brought after it was re-ordered. At this point we have already ordered food and waiting for it to arrive. Short wait time for the food which was welcoming as everything else seemed to be extensively downhill. When the food arrived the server left promptly, to which we both checked our plates and I noticed a very long blonde hair blatantly noticeable sticking out of my eggs and basically sitting across the top of them. My guest began to eat, and I started on my other plate of food as it came on three plates. When the server finally came back roughly seven minutes later I pointed it out to her and she apologized. The food was taken back to the HOH and I waited while insisting that my guest continue to heat.

Being the paranoid person that my guest was, they began to check their food inside and out before eating it in bites. When my food arrived back we double checked that the eggs had not just been nuked by testing with a fork, and then I proceeded on. It is important that I mention that the redone food was cooked perfectly, but it is also important that my guest also found three smaller blonde and black hairs in their food.

After pointing all of the hair out on the second entree the server discussed with another employee before returning and offering to take one of the entrees off. Keep in mind that we were not rude, we did not ask for any free food, and we did not yell. We were quite adamant at pointing out the hairs quietly so that other guests were not aware. But being that a total of five hairs were found, in and amongst two different plates.. I am not sure how I feel about only one entree being taken off. Especially since the hair did not need genetic testing to figure out that none of the hairs belonged to either my guest or myself. AND the server even mentioned to us that our situation reminded her that she should have her hair back.

All and all I leave you with the following recommendation: If you enjoy IHOP as much as I do, and you cannot bear it to not eat there then I suggest caution when entering the Kelowna Branch.

  • Ambiance: 2/10 due to horrible atmosphere, decor, and lack of seating
  • Food: 1/10 due to various sizes and colours of hair on various plates
  • Service: 4/10 because, despite it not being her fault, she was not very knowledgeable and in my opinion should still be shadowing another server.

Farewell Evil Foodies.

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